Goji + Peanut Butter Energy Bars (Organic)

Goji + Peanut Butter Energy Bars (Organic)

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Freshly made energy bars with simple ingredients and no added sugars! These make a healthy breakfast, satisfying on-the-go-snack or pre- or post-exercise nutrition. Made in small batches. Sold singularly. Also available in 6-bar and 12-bar packs (not individually packaged and labeled).

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Gluten-free, corn free, refined sugar-free, organic, vegan, soy-free, non-GMO. May be stored in the refrigerator. Enjoy cold or at room temperature.

Shelf life: 1 month. Refrigerated: 2 months.

Goji + Peanut Butter Energy Bars: (All organic) dates, goji berries, GF oats, peanut butter, sunflower seeds. CONTAINS PEANUTS.